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A New Gs-model Ford

Newcastle Herald

Wednesday July 25, 2007

Brent Davison

LONG before the days of Ford XR6 and XR8 utilities, about the sportiest Falcon ute available was the GS.

Back in the early 1970s utes were still thought of largely as workhorses but a groundswell of demand from some buyers was acknowledged by the local car makers, particularly Ford, maker of the awesome Falcon GT and even more awesome GTHO.

True, buyers could not have the monster motors and big "shaker" bonnet scoops from the GT pair but they could order their utes with a GS pack ("GS" stood for "Grand Sport". On a ute. Go figure.) That included chromed wheels, body-side stripes, red-line tyres and, on the inside, a GT-style instrument panel, bucket seats and a four-speed gearbox.

There was a 4.1 litre, six-cylinder engine or, for more money, a detuned version (it had a two-barrel carburettor and sensible inlet and exhaust manifolds) of the 5.8 litre V8 which made the ute, with its leaf sprung solid rear axle, quite a handful at times.

Now Australian model maker trax has reinvented the famous falcon GS ute, the car that was in the vanguard of making utilities the modern-day sports car and definitely more show pony than workhorse.

The 1:43 scale Trax utes even have authentic paintwork and come in either True Blue with gold stripes or Surfer Orange with black stripes, and each with matching interior colours (black for the blue ute, tan for the orange one), chrome wheels and, of course, the redline stripes on the Dunlop SP43 tyres.

Trim detail is excellent, right down to the grille and flank badging and for the first time on any Trax ute the Falcon pair run fully removable moulded tonneau covers.

Commenting on his latest "toy" (although such models are anything but toys) Trax boss Robert Hill said the GS utes of the 1970s pioneered a combination of practicality and power still seen in today's utes.

"The fact that full-sized GS Falcons continue to grow rapidly in value confirms that many Australians still rank them among the most significant vehicles of their time," Mr Hill said.

Trax models are not sold through regular retail outlets. To find out more visit or call 1800 635 508.

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